Best Breakfast Stops in Dallas


FoodMood is all about finding the best restaurants in Dallas that cater to your ever-changing food cravings.  Whether you’re looking for something green or greasy, fried or frosted, FoodMood is on the hunt to provide readers with different food options to satisfy their everyday “food mood.”


Aside from being recognized as “the most important meal of the day,” breakfast can offer a wide variety of food choices to start your day off right.  Whether you prefer a sweet or savory start to your day, I’ve found three must-try breakfast stops in Dallas that are sure to satisfy your food mood.

Cafe Brazil:  For the all-day breakfast lovers, this one’s for you.  Voted one of Dallas’ best breakfasts by Dallas Eater, Cafe Brazil is a must-try for locals and tourists.

The restaurant might not look like much from the outside, but inside the chefs are serving up an authentic Brazilian breakfast that keeps the weekend brunch crowds piling in.  There are several locations around the metroplex, but this one is open 24/7, making breakfast an option at any hour.  If you’re looking for a taste of South America with the traditional migas, or your sweet tooth is calling for a tall stack of peanut butter cup pancakes, this is your place for any kind of breakfast food mood .

And of course, you can’t indulge in one of the best breakfasts in Dallas without a bottomless coffee bar full of unconventional flavors!  For just $2.79, you can enjoy an endless cup of coffee, choosing from seven different flavors daily.

This small but mighty restaurant caters to all kinds of clientele throughout the day.  Whether you’re a business professional starting your day at 6 a.m. or a college student needing a pick-me-up after a late night out, Cafe Brazil has your breakfast cravings any time, any day.

Start:  As a recent collegiate athlete, I think a lot about nutrition when it comes to food.  I’m pretty picky and always on the lookout for the healthiest restaurants in Dallas, which is why Start has become one of my go-to breakfast stops.

Known for their service of “real food fast,” the restaurant offers a variety of healthy meals, made from locally grown organic ingredients.  My favorite item on the breakfast menu is the egg white and veggie burrito.  It’s packed with fresh ingredients that not only make me feel good, but keep me satisfied all morning.

And for the days when your alarm clock isn’t the best at convincing you to get out of bed on time,  you can order at the drive-thru without having to sacrifice nutrition from lack of time.  Talk about a great START to your day.

Rusty Taco:  If you’re in the mood for a true Texas breakfast, look no further than Rusty Taco.  Voted the best breakfast tacos in Dallas by D Magazine, this taco shop serves their famous breakfast tacos all day.

You can find the usual bacon, egg and cheese taco, but for a real taste of Texas, you have to try the brisket and beef fajita breakfast tacos.  img_4156For only $2.50 each, you can mix and match a variety of combinations to satisfy your palate.  I spoke with Colin Gilbert, an Arizona native spending the weekend in Dallas, who said that the breakfast tacos were his ideal meal for a Texas breakfast.

“Nothing says Texas quite like a barbecue brisket breakfast taco,” said Gilbert.

Converted into a restaurant from an old gas station, Rusty Taco offers a nice outdoor patio space, giving customers both the taste and feel of all that Texas has to offer.

All photos taken by Janelle Giordano.  Map created by Janelle Giordano.


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